Improving the prescription process

Our HIPAA-compliant digital pharmacy solution improves the patient experience while safeguarding margins for prescribers and pharmacies.

On average it takes 2-3 years and over $20 million to stand up a home-delivery pharmacy.

Wellstand accelerates development and removes operational expenses and staffing concerns by partnering with a network of top-tier licensed and credentialed pharmacies who have the capacity, equipment and expertise to execute fills.


Platform Features

  • Virtual Intake Pharmacy
    Streamlines prescription processing with an automated intake process that reduces cost and errors, enhancing patient satisfaction and safety.

  • Engagement Hub
    Create secure, HIPAA-compliant patient communications on prescription status, refills and medication guidance to increase medication engagement, adherence and safety.

  • Prescription Portal
    Create a white-labeled digital pharmacy that provides patients with an online shopping option that frees up resources and reduces expenses associated with a physical storefront.

  • Fulfillment Gateway
    Configure rules that automatically route prescriptions to a curated network of pharmacies for fulfillment based on known patient preference, geography and method of delivery.

  • Pharmacy Network
    Pharmacies in the network have been thoroughly vetted, ensuring they are licensed, highly credentialed, and consistently exceed patient satisfaction scores.