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Stand up a comprehensive, affordable COVID-19 testing program

Reactivate your workforce and community with confidence

Reimagine COVID-19 testing & ensure a safe return back to normal

COVID Testing

Reactivate your workforce & community, with confidence

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Eliminate Risk
What We Do
Although every successful COVID immunization moves us further away from the devastating global pandemic, the threat and impact of one missed COVID infection is a risk no business can afford to take.
Implementing a proactive, comprehensive and affordable COVID testing program eliminates risk and provides the confidence and trust needed to get your employees and community working together again, safely.
Concierge Approach

What We Offer

Wellstand Health offers end-to-end concierge COVID testing programs for companies and communities that help to recreate consumer confidence and ensure a safe and comfortable return back to normal.

  • Strategy and design to lead you through all aspects of launching and maintaining an end-to-end COVID-19 testing program
  • Guided learning from our on-staff training experts with access to an interactive learning management portal
  • Live support from our experts via phone and email with thought leadership via live webinars
  • COVID-19 Rapid and lab-processed tests for use on-site, at remote sites and at home
  • Supplies such as PPE needed for safe COVID-19 testing operations
  • An integrated app experience for end users; Portal access for corporate governance, insights and action
Wellstand Certification
  • Validation and a formal stamp of approval from a trusted authority to instill consumer confidence in your program
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Tests per day




Confidence of 0.3 copies per microliter




Less expensive than competitors
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