Transforming Pharmacy Services with a Modern Patient Experience
September 5, 2023

Transforming Pharmacy Services with a Modern Patient Experience

We are entering a new era of transformation towards patient-centric pharmacy services

In a world where commerce has evolved to prioritize customer experience, the patient experience in the pharmaceutical industry lags significantly behind. Ease of shopping, price transparency, and personalized options have become the expected experience for consumers. Yet the patient journey for prescription drugs remains fractured and devoid of these crucial elements.

The Current State of Patient Experience in Pharmacy Services

Simply put, the current process creates an unsustainable experience for the patient:

  • The decision-making process for patients often begins at the point of check-in, where they are asked to provide basic pharmacy information without any opportunity for comparison or consideration of convenience, cost, or delivery options.
  • This lack of transparency carries over to medication costs, especially for specialty drugs where generic options might exist but remain unknown to many patients.
  • The absence of pricing transparency further compounds the issue, as patients are left in the dark about hidden costs that result from the intricate web of intermediaries that inflate pharmaceutical prices.
  • At the time of checkout, patients are unable to discern whether their insurance co-pay is more cost-effective than paying in cash, leading to uninformed choices.

This fragmented and opaque process has led to an extreme sense of frustration among patients. It’s time to disrupt the patient experience.

The Path to Improvement: Transforming the Patient Experience

We are entering a new era of patient-centric pharmacy services that enables a modern, consumer friendly pharmacy experience:

Empowering Patient Decision-Making: A shift in the decision-making process allows patients to take greater control over their healthcare choices. Enabling copay checks at checkout provides real-time information on insurance versus cash prices, empowering patients to make financially informed decisions on where prescriptions are filled and how they get delivered.

Elevating the Purchasing Experience: A seamless shopping experience that mirrors what the consumer expects from other shopping platforms. An experience where Patients can choose their preferred medication delivery method, whether it's same-day delivery, mail order, or local pick-up.

Tailored Fulfillment: Advanced selections for medication pickup and coordination of refill dates that offers patients convenience and savings. By grouping medications for mail order and bundling them into a single shipment, we can both simplify the experience and reduce expenses.

Holistic Care Approach: The path to improvement extends beyond medication delivery. Patients can anticipate recommendations for over-the-counter supplies and devices that complement their treatment plan, enhancing overall health outcomes.

Wellstand: Pioneering Patient-Centric Pharmacy Services

At Wellstand, our mission is to modernize the patient experience for major healthcare systems and life sciences companies. Leveraging comprehensive data and insights about conditions, medications, and allergies, Wellstand can anticipate potential health concerns and proactively offer referrals to qualified health care or wellness providers.

Beyond delivering technological advancements that expand access to health professionals and medication, Wellstand is committed to further enhancing patient outcomes, families, and communities through the provision of value-added services, like bundled products needed for pre and post-op care, home health management, and over the counter diagnostics and medical devices.

While the current state of patient experience in pharmacy services might be dismal, the future holds immense promise. A new era of patient-centric pharmacy services is on the horizon, promising a brighter and more informed future for all.

Paul Tindall

Paul Tindall

Chief Technology Officer

Paul has 20 years experience in enterprise software development