Introducing the Industry’s first Pharmacy Network
October 12, 2023

Introducing the Industry’s first Pharmacy Network

Optimizing access to medications for patients and increasing fulfillment volume for pharmacies.

Having worked in nearly every aspect of the practice of pharmacy over the past 30 years, the theme I’ve come across more than any is that the patient experience is disjointed at many steps along the way.

  • At the prescribing point, patients are asked to provide their pharmacy of choice but may inadvertently select the wrong location or may be unaware that the pharmacy they have selected has limited hours due to staffing shortages.that pharmacy also may not stock the particular needed medication.
  • Once a prescription is written, it tends to go into a black hole. A lack of updates and communication creates unnecessary anxiety and confusion for the patient.
  • At pick-up, patients face challenges of availability, with pharmacies that may not have received the prescription or are no longer open due to limited hours.
  • Finally, due to confusion over insurance coverage, patients may be surprised to find the cost of their prescription is significantly higher than they were expecting.

The entire process is riddled with challenges over convenience, availability, and affordability. It’s a lose-lose. It’s not good for patients, and it’s not good for Pharmacies that are looking to create a patient experience that drives long-term loyalty.

At Wellstand, we are changing that dynamic. With the Wellstand Platform, we are powering the long overdue digital transformation of pharmacy. By creating a digital prescription experience, we are able to meet patients with fulfillment providers that can best serve their needs and preferences for cost, convenience, speed, & access.

At the forefront of this solution is the Wellstand Health Pharmacy Network, our curated network of top-tier pharmacies. The network was strategically built to optimize access to medications for patients and increase fulfillment volume for participating pharmacies. We're able to bring customers to our pharmacy partners that they otherwise wouldn't have.

With seamless API integration, we are able to route prescriptions to dispensing pharmacies in the network based on factors such as availability, price, location, delivery method, & speed.

How does it work?

  • At the prescribing point, our patient portal presents patients with viable fulfillment options such as pickup, same day delivery, or home delivery.
  • The Patient chooses their preferred fulfillment option.
  • The filll is then automatically routed to an appropriate dispensing pharmacy via our fulfillment gateway.
  • With modern engagement tools, we can then communicate with the patient on behalf of the pharmacy throughout the process, from prescribing to delivery.

This transformation completely engages the patient in the entire prescription journey with transparency. This offers several benefits to Pharmacies within the network:

$0 Customer Acquisition Cost
Pharmacies can enhance their market presence and revenue stream without the need for marketing expenditures.

Increase Patient Lifetime Value:
Pharmacies can convert new patients into repeat patients with a seamless, high-quality, engaged patient experience that keeps the customer coming back.

Craft a Customizable Drug List:
Pharmacies can create a tailored drug list by prioritizing high-margin pharmaceuticals and strategically reduce low-margin drugs.

Increased Volumes:
Pharmacies can harness the full potential of their investments by unlocking increased volume without patient acquisition costs.

Secure & Easy Integration:
Finally, Pharmacies can create seamless integration through a standardized API framework, with secure and HIPAA protected patient info.

The benefits are clear. Wellstand's platform will optimize access to medications for patients and increase fulfillment volume for participating pharmacies. I couldn’t be more excited to help  transform the pharmacy experience for the better of all.

Interested in learning more about joining the Pharmacy Network? Click here.

Scott Spille, Pharm.D, Rph.

Scott Spille, Pharm.D, Rph.

Strategic Pharmacy Advisor

Scott is a strategic executive pharmacy leader with 25 years experience