How Wellstand Health is Revolutionizing Patient Access to Healthcare
July 11, 2023

How Wellstand Health is Revolutionizing Patient Access to Healthcare

An integrated healthcare commerce suite empowering businesses to deliver exceptional patient experiences

Wellstand Health has evolved tremendously over the past few years. We started out as a small organization founded during the early days of the pandemic when supply chains had broken down and organizations were in desperate need of tests and PPE. Our founders used their relationships and procurement skills to help these organizations get tests for fair prices and provided support for developing, implementing, and maintaining long-term COVID testing protocols.

Our end-to-end COVID testing solutions had early success with organizations such as North Carolina Senior Living Association and North Carolina Assisted Living Association, helping us grow into a recognizable, reputable brand. As our business expanded, we branched into other verticals such as sports, entertainment, and the public sector. While servicing a contract with the New York State Department of Health, we created convenient PCR testing solutions for state employees. We provided employees the option to order sample collection devices online for home delivery and shipment to the lab or to have their samples collected at one of over 60 independent pharmacies in our network. While the program was successful, it proved to be especially challenging because the ecommerce tools available to us lacked flexibility and were not optimized for digital health use cases.

The pandemic created a strong tailwind for telehealth. As regulations became more supportive and patients and doctors became more comfortable with virtual visits, we identified an unmet need in providing seamless digital health experiences for patients, doctors and pharmacies. While there were many telehealth, ecommerce and digital pharmacy technology solutions that existed, there were no comprehensive off-the-shelf software solutions and no marketplace to connect mail order pharmacies (suppliers) to digital health/telemedicine companies (retailers).

  • On average, it takes ~$500K and 15 months to launch a HIPAA-compliant mobile app from scratch
  • 1 in 3 neighborhoods throughout the 30 largest US cities are pharmacy deserts (15+ minute drive to nearest pharmacy)

That's where Wellstand comes in. We saw an opportunity to create a new platform, that serves as a fully integrated healthcare commerce suite empowering businesses to deliver exceptional patient experiences.

Wellstand Health will create the digital infrastructure for the pharmacy industry, acting as a HIPAA-compliant “Shopify” for any organization to stand-up or upgrade their digital health ecosystem. It will provide a flexible, reliable, and compliant solution for a broad range of conditions, connecting health systems, individual providers, life sciences businesses, direct-to-consumer telemedicine companies, online pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers directly with patients.

Wellstand Health will also establish the first ever digital marketplace enabling digital health companies to identify and seamlessly partner with mail-order pharmacies to provide patients across the U.S. with the most convenient and cost effective digital pharmacy experiences possible.  

The Wellstand platform is Built on the secure Google Cloud platform and features our foundational modules:

  • Digital Storefront for quick setup and configuration of a HIPAA-compliant ecommerce pharmacy for patient service providers
  • Fulfillment Gateway providing configurable, flexible, and redundant pharmaceutical delivery services to patients based on factors such as price, location, delivery, method and speed
  • Patient Communication Hub ensuring real-time transparency for patients into the status of their prescription order
  • Responsive, multi-channel patient and provider support accessible 24/7/365

We're proud to be leveraging our existing core competencies and experience from the pandemic, and we're excited to add experience from new team members from the digital pharmacy world to build this new platform. We're particularly grateful to welcome our new CTO, Paul Tindall, and trusted pharmacy advisor Scott Spille, Pharm.D, RPh., to the team, each of whom bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way businesses and institutions build next-gen solutions that allow patients to receive best-in-class healthcare, making it easier and more convenient than ever before. We're excited about the future and can't wait to see what the coming years will bring.

Anthony Napolitano, Ph.D.

Anthony Napolitano, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Napolitano is a healthcare executive with over 20 years of experience.