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Why Vaccines Mean We Need COVID-19 Testing More Than Ever

March 31, 2021

“Covid-19 testing is on the decline. That’s a problem.” That’s the headline from a recent article published by the New York Times describing the urgent situation we find ourselves in one year later after the world was forever changed by this deadly virus, and as experts state that we appear to be entering a fourth COVID-19 surge.

The NY Times continued, Even as more Americans are receiving vaccine shots, the country remains months away from vaccination being the norm. In the meantime, wide-scale testing can allow life to begin returning to normal — without setting off deadly new Covid outbreaks.”

At Wellstand Health, we are focused on ensuring that any business, across any industry has access to affordable and effective COVID-19 testing programs.

Every passing day brings a sense of relief as more & more Americans are vaccinated and grandparents can once again spend that precious time together with their loved ones. Yet businesses across the country are still met with challenges as they prepare to reopen and return back to “the new normal.”

Josh Brammer, CEO of Wellstand Health explains, “Companies who decide there is value in getting teams back together to strategize, collaborate and even debate, have to put a testing program in place or they risk shutting right back down over a single missed infection.”

Here’s why:

Vaccine Distribution

  • While nearly 53 million Americans have been fully vaccinated, that represents just 16.1% of the US Population.
  • Roughly 20% of the US population is under the age of 12; an age group not yet approved for vaccines. Companies like Pfizer have just begun testing the effectiveness of the vaccine on this group, with results not expected until the second half of this year.

Vaccine Hesitancy

  • While vaccine hesitancy continues to drop, 17% of adults said they would either definitely or probably not get vaccinated. This represents a hurdle for achieving herd immunity and ridding ourselves of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Variants

Vaccinations at scale represent a tremendous leap forward in our progress towards a return to society. However, we are still far from the finish line. Now more than ever, businesses who plan to reopen need to implement a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program to ensure a safe, comfortable, and compliant return for their staff & their community.

“For businesses that need to get back to fully functioning, testing provides a path to get there. If you can prove to your clients, your customers and your staff that you have a comprehensive testing process in place, with a high probability of accuracy, it immediately creates the confidence needed to put you back on a path towards a return to normal” says Brammer.

Dr. Meghan Lockard, Chief Scientific Advisor at Wellstand Health adds, “a proper, scientifically approached testing program that's conducted at scale is the only way to ensure your employees can return with confidence.”

Bottom line: Get your vaccine, but also protect your staff & community with a comprehensive corporate COVID-19 testing program. Learn how Wellstand can help.

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