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Using COVID-19 Testing to Foster Employee Engagement

April 29, 2021

Engaged employees perform better. They’re happier, they’re more productive, they stay with organizations longer, and yes, they’re even healthier than their less engaged counterparts. And while COVID-19 has strained businesses and employees alike, providing comprehensive testing as offices reopen offers an incredible opportunity for companies to improve employee engagement across the board.

Employee engagement and its attendant benefits arise when employees feel like their relationship with their employer is a two-way street. When businesses invest in their people over and above the norm, employees respond in exceptional ways. There’s no better way to demonstrate that investment in today’s environment than by making your employees feel safe and empowered with regard to their health. This is precisely what the right COVID-19 testing program does.

Here’s how a comprehensive testing program highlights your investment in your people:

It makes employer efforts more visible.

Basic precautions like mask-wearing, in-office social distancing, and temperature checks are helpful, but they don’t stand out. On the other hand, a fully integrated COVID-19 testing program sends a strong signal to employees that their health and safety are important priorities. Offering convenient, reliable testing to employees isn’t just “best practice” -- it’s a way to make sure your employees feel the investment you’re making in them.

It adds value in and out of the workplace.

Up-to-date COVID-19 test results do more than ensure a safer workplace. They’re increasingly required for travel, access to events, and other purposes. This makes employer-provided testing into a real benefit that can sway people even in hyper-competitive industries. As the economy continues to rebound, robust health-related benefits that go beyond basic insurance will increasingly become major factors affecting employee recruiting and retention.

It offers certainty in uncertain times.

With vaccine hesitancy, the threat of new COVID-19 variants, and the general risk of exposure, many workers remain worried about the future. Businesses that do their part to cut through the ambiguity -- and the red tape around testing -- will earn immense goodwill from their employees. What’s more, it gives them space to stop worrying about COVID-19 and start focusing on the task at hand.

A mature, effective, and integrated COVID-19 testing plan lets current and potential employees know that their needs matter. It builds trust, positions organizations to attract and retain better talent, and creates a less distracted, more productive working environment. As industries continue to reopen and recover, these competitive advantages will invariably translate into better performance, better service, and, in the end, much more success for your business.

Wellstand Health CEO Josh Brammer puts it this way: “Empowering businesses to become meaningful partners in their employees’ safety and wellbeing is at the core of what we do. In a world where everyone is looking to make up for lost time while positioning themselves to win long-term, the trust and confidence that our solutions provide are incredible assets.”

Our goal at Wellstand Health is to give you the tools and training you need to deploy a testing program that makes your employees feel valued while giving them the peace of mind they need to perform at the highest level. 

If you’re ready to turn your reopening strategy into a real competitive advantage, contact us. We’re here to help.

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