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Driving revenue to pharmacies

Pharmacy Collective

Our Pharmacy Collective powers the Wellstand Platform by optimizing access to medications for patients and increasing fulfillment volume for pharmacies

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Pharmacy and Healthcare System
Key Benefits

While patients will benefit from increased access to medications at the best prices and most convenient locations, both participating Pharmacies and Healthcare Systems will see improved margins and increased revenue.

For Pharmacies
  • $0 Customer Acquisition Cost: Enhance your pharmacy's market presence and revenue stream without the need for marketing expenditures
  • Customizable Drug List: Craft a tailored drug list by prioritizing high-profit pharmaceuticals and strategically reducing low-profit drugs
  • Increased Volumes: Harness the full potential of your automation investments by unlocking increased volume without acquisition costs
  • Easy Integration: Seamless integration through a standardized API framework
For Healthcare Systems
  • Customizable Drug List: Curated drug list that maximize margins and resources related to brand name, DRG and discharge meds
  • Increased Medication Adherence: Due to increased number of fulfillment options for patients medications are made cheaper and more convenient ultimately increasing likelihood to take medication as directed.
  • Optimize Operations: Removes burden and expense of internal fulfillment operations
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Participating Pharmacies
How It Works & Getting Started

Interested in joining the pharmacy collective? Read on to learn how it works and how to get started.

How it Works
  • Fulfillment Gateway routes prescriptions to dispensing pharmacy based on factors such as availability, price, location, delivery method, speed
  • Prescription Portal presents patients with viable fulfillment options i.e. same day delivery, pickup, mail order
  • Patient chooses preferred fulfillment option
  • Fill is automatically routed to appropriate dispensing pharmacy
  • Engagement Hub communicates on behalf of pharmacy
Getting Started
  • Execute BAA with Wellstand Health and the Healthcare System customer
  • Provide Wellstand Health the curated list of medications you would like to support along with basic pricing, volume capabilities and shipping costs
  • Utilize API to receive patient, prescription and fill requests
  • Utilize Wellstand’s API to post fulfillment activity data

Wellstand allowed us to minimize the risk posed to our seniors while allowing them to safely see family and friends again.

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