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About Us

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Our Mission

We are determined to shape the future of healthcare, ensuring that every individual has access to affordable, accessible, and simple solutions for their medicinal needs.
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Wellstand is a trusted partner working together with government agencies, and private corporations to help guide our clients in building positive online and offline healthcare experiences.


Wellstand provides innovative medical & digital solutions to up-level the healthcare industry. We strive to do more than solve existing problems by redefining what technology can do for healthcare.
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Wellstand is focused on ensuring that patients have access to affordable and effective healthcare solutions. Our pricing model, collaborative approach, and support simplifies the process of launching comprehensive healthcare programs for all types of organizations focused on creating positive patient experiences.

Our Team

Dr. Anthony Napolitano
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Tindall
Chief Technology Officer
Alexandra Domatov
Director, Implementation and Partnership Management
Natalie Travaglione
Marketing & Customer Engagement Lead
Scott Spille Pharm.D, Rph.
Strategic Pharmacy Advisor
Jennifer Field
Technology Strategist
David Evans
Solution Strategist
Jordan Leo
Customer Success
William Bocra
Board Member
Bryan Melgar
Board Member

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